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Jean-Ralph Thurin, Chief Designer

A graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design, Jean-Ralph Thurin became enthralled by the fashion history of top Haute Couture Houses of Dior, Givenchy and Oscar De La Renta. Growing up, Jean-Ralph learned to sew by watching his grandmother. He was fascinated by her ability to make clothes with little more than fabric remnants and thread. In high school, although he was not yet formally trained, Jean-Ralph followed in his grandmother’s footsteps as he fulfilled the multiple requests from classmates to make their prom dresses and so began his career in fashion.

Jean-Ralph Thurin

Jean-Ralph Thurin


A Luxury Bridal Design House


adjective; (of suits, dresses) made according to the specifications of an individual buyer

As his love for couture grew, Jean-Ralph learned to hone his skill and mastered the art of sewing. Each garment reflects the care of his craftsmanship and is intricately and beautifully finished. Paying attention to every detail.  His vision is to give every bride what she seeks on her wedding day - to feel exquisitely beautiful and self-assured because her wedding dress reflects who she is in that moment! “Every bride is different, and I’ve learned to listen, really listen to each and every one of them”, says Jean-Ralph.  By paying close attention, and through the process of collaboration, Jean-Ralph Thurin captures your essence and designs and creates a wedding gown that is authentically you!  

Your Dreams, Our Devotion,
An Unparalleled Design Experience

 An Unparalleled Design Experience

When Jean-Ralph Thurin opened his Design House, his primary mission was to serve brides looking for the ultimate experience: seeing their perfect, dream wedding dress come to life right before their eyes.  Jean-Ralph Thurin is committed to making every bride's dream come true. Whether you choose a wedding gown from our exclusive collections or have your dress custom-made.  The process is exclusively focused on the bride's needs and desires. 

  • The experience begins with a private consultation during which Jean-Ralph Thurin designs your custom-made wedding gown. Time is spent discussing your vision, style, fit and fabrication

  • Once designed, a muslin of your wedding dress is made in order to create the pattern

  • Measurements are expertly taken and a tailored fitting experience focused on emphasizing your positive attributes ensure a custom-made fit, so you look your best on your wedding day

  • Your wedding gown is then constructed with only the most luxurious bridal fabrics, accented with exquisite accessories and custom details



Have you ever considered having your wedding dress custom made? 

So many brides have a good idea of what they want their wedding dress to look like, but oftentimes when you have an exact picture in your head, it is easy to become disappointed when you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores. If this sounds like you, then having your dress custom-made could be exactly what you need.

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